Winter Potluck at the Dome

Please note that we are now on the summer potluck schedule and are meeting at the Radiance Pool to eat dinner.

Winter potlucks will commence at the Radiance Dome after pool closure (31 October). Please watch this space for the winter potluck schedule for 2016.

All winter potlucks are held on alternating Sundays at 7 pm.

All are welcome: residents, neighbors, guests, regular folks. You do not need to be a member of Radiance to come to a potluck. You do not need to bring food to a potluck (though it’s always appreciated if you do).

Please bring your own plates, forks and spoons, drink or water bottles, and mark any nonvegetarian food, as the default menu is Common Denominator Vegetarian.

5/1/16 – Pool reopens, first Pool potluck of the season.

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