Radiance Community Pool

Radiance Pool

2019 Memberships are now SOLD OUT: thanks y’all!

Radiance property owners who are current on their owners association dues are eligible for pool membership, along with their families. Every summer the Radiance Property Owners Association (RPOA) offers a limited number (25) of pool memberships to folks outside of Radiance.

Membership benefits:

  • Use of the pool from 1 May to 31 October.
  • Community potlucks: a great way to catch up with neighbors and friends.
  • Pool water with chlorine processed by a Nature2 purification system for enjoyable swimming environment and no chlorine smell.
  • Separate baby pool with fountain for infants and young children.
  • Shaded pergola with picnic tables for those who wish to enjoy the pool while minimizing sun exposure.
  • Shower and bathroom facilities available onsite.
  • Lap-swimmers have a 54-foot lap lane with tile and lane rope available.
  • Beautiful hill country scenery from the pool deck.
  • Wireless internet access.

Please print out and complete the relevant application below, and submit it and your payment to Mary Buchanan, Community Manager. For insurance purposes, the Radiance Property Owners Association requires a paper form with your original signature on file. All paperwork and checks must be turned in to Mary Buchanan before your key can be issued.

Radiance Pool Users Guide (PDF)



2019 Community Potluck Schedule

Pool potlucks are held every other Sunday until the pool closes in October.
Bring your place setting and a dish to share:
Main dish, salad, veggie, bread, beverage, or dessert
(If your dish contains meat, please mark as some community members are vegetarians)
Everyone welcome. Bring your friends.  Music is welcomed so bring your instrument.
Join us and enjoy great food and conversation!

June 09
June 23
July 07
July 21
August 04
August 18
September 1
September 15
September 29
October 13
October 27


Radiance Community Pool Rules

No lifeguard on duty
Swim at your own risk
Parents are responsible for their own children as well as all of their guests

  1. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a guardian 16 years of age or older. Swimming with a buddy is strongly recommended for all swimmers. Children from 12 – 16 must swim with a buddy.
  2. Always shower before swimming to minimize the need for chemicals and hours to clean the water. Apply sun screen at least 45 minutes before coming to pool.
  3. Maximum ratio of children to adults is 4 to 1.
  4. Do not dive, run, or play rough within the pool fence. Do not jump/dive from pool furniture, bench, shed roof, or baby pool wall into the pool.
  5. Do not use 110 volt electrical plug-in appliances at the pool.
  6. Pool gate must be locked at all times, even when you are inside the fence. Always be sure the gate is locked when you leave the pool area. Children under 12 may not operate the pool gate lock.
  7. No smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or glass containers inside the pool fence.
  8. Do not use rocks, coins, balloons, or toys/objects filled with sand or other substances inside which can clog the pool filter or discolor the pool’s surface.
  9. Do not play with pool equipment or furniture.
  10. Pets are not allowed inside the pool fence.
  11. Do not climb on or over the pool fence.
  12. Put all trash in the trash can. The recyclables-only receptacle is for coded plastics, metal cans, etc.
  13. Use swim diapers. not disposable diapers in the pool. Take disposable diapers to your home trash can.
  14. Member-resident with more than 9 guests must register this as a party with the pool manager at least a week in advance. Blackout dates apply, including potluck dates and usually the days right before and right after potluck day. Parents must chaperone pool parties of their children 18 and under. Notification of upcoming parties will be emailed to all pool members as soon as we know.
  15. Member is responsible for all intentional or unintentional damage done at the pool by family or guests.
  16. Members must accompany guests to the pool, except house guests.
  17. Member/resident may have the same non live-in guests no more than 2 times per month. If these guests use the pool more often, they must apply for pool membership.
  18. Quiet must be observed at the pool after 10:00 pm. Please respect the rights of nearby residents.

Swimming in the Sun?
Tips That Help Keep This a “Low Chlorine” Pool

Easy, durable, simple, reusable: a rash guard swim shirt with a high UPF rating. Better than sunscreen! You can’t sweat it off, rub it off, it stays on your skin in water, and it’s effective immediately, unlike sunscreen. Widely available. Material feels a bit like stretchy swimsuit fabric.


Still want to use sunscreen at Radiance Pool? Please follow these steps:

  1. Read the manufacturer’s directions on printed on the container of sunscreen or sunblock product. It probably says something like “apply 30 minutes before exposure to sun.”
  2. Please put on your sunscreen or sunblock per manufacturer’s instructions before coming to the pool. This allows the product to penetrate your skin and protects you the most effectively from the sun.
  3. When you get to the Radiance Pool, please, as always, rinse off using the shower before entering the pool water.
  4. If you need to reapply, please do so and then wait the manufacturer-specified time span for your skin to absorb the product, before entering the pool water again. Rinse off before you enter, please.
  5. Failure to comply with these sunscreen/sunblock manufacturer-recommended instructions will result in murky water, higher chlorine levels in the pool, along with additional labor hours spent to remove sunscreen from the pool’s filters.
  6. Alternatively, try swimming before 10 am or after 4 pm if you’d rather avoid sunblock and sunscreen. This practice can lessen your solar exposure too.

The Radiance Community Pool is not the same as a municipal pool, which uses a powerful chemical stew to deal with heavy bather loads, with sunscreen and sweat in the water. The Radiance Pool is a minimally chlorinated pool with chemistry in a delicate balance. Please help us keep it that way by keeping sunscreen goop out of our pool equipment.