Dome Wish List

The next big expenses:

  1. Replace the 2nd AC.

Thanks to our donors, renters, and concert goers – as well as some penny-pinching by the Radiance Foundation Board  and a good discount from Adam Garrett of RealAir – we were able to raise enough money to replace the worst of the two air conditioners with a high efficiency unit in time for our 2016 concerts.

We still have another to upgrade, at approximately $5600.

2. Replace the entry carpet with tile and area rugs.

After 30+ years and several floods the red carpet in the entry was removed.  We’re planning on laying down tile and purchasing several area rugs to ‘soften’ the space.  But first:

3. Remove coat closets and expand restroom stalls for better handicapped accesibility.

The Radiance Foundation Board is currently exploring the option of removing the little-used coat closets so that we can expand the restroom stalls nearest the entry doors for proper handicapped accessibility.  If needed we may expand the closet area across from the current closets, and/or add coat racks along the curved wall sections.

Decisions regarding the tiling will be postponed until after this decision is made, as it would require changing the tile layout in the lobby and replacing the bathroom tile.


Update on the Oct 30, 2013 flooding:

There’s still a fair list of work to do:

  • Mop/scrub the de-carpeted areas. (done)
  • re-arrange the foam, chairs, plants, TV, etc to a useable state again (done)
  • fill the divots in the concrete (in progress)

(more to come…. and more below)


The Radiance Foundation Board, being charged with upkeep and improvements of the Dome (among other tasks), has long-term plans for the symbolic center of our community. A current snapshot of projects which are underway or in the planning/financing stages include:

Completed projects

  1. Replace all faucets in men’s and ladies’ rooms.
  2. Replace non-functioning toilet in ladies’ room.
  3. Replace all toilet flapper valves and feed valves.
  4. Urinal wall seal was leaking. Fixed.
  5. Add path and parking lot lighting (commercial grade xmas lights).
  6. Wash roof; touch up paint as needed.
  7. Men’s bathroom repaint.
  8. New curtains all around.
  9. Repaired north parapet wall.  During the 2013 roof washing we discovered there were some portions of the north parapet wall which were beginning to deteriorate. Removed a section of the parapet, added vented hardie soffit, and replaced the removed section with angled flashing.
  10. Entry door and wood trim: repaint
  11. Entry benches: repaint

In planning, financing, or implementation stages:


  1. Facia board: inspect and repaint- all around
  2. Windows: screens replaced – all around
  3. Stucco and stone veneer: caulk and fill voids  (some done)
  4. Replace all windows with high quality, energy efficient models
    • current cost estimate: $20,000 for the 18 arched windows, installed
    • it may be possible to improve our energy efficiency at lower cost  ($450 per window x 18 = ~$8000) by installing storm windows.  We’ll still have the funky old disfunctional windows we have now, but we won’t be leaking A/C and heat to the outside world as much. The energy savings should allow us to put more money into the building elsewhere.
    • modifications to the stonework and stucco to correct drainage and other problems: cost unknown
  5. Access for handicapped.


  1. Clean tile grout at entry (ongoing periodic)
  2. Entry door lock mechanism: remove and replace
  3. HVAC ducting should be checked for good seals and should probably have dust cleaned out.


  1. Ceiling cracks: filled and repainted
  2. Wall paper: we should research removal and either reapplication of new, or just paint the walls.
  3. Window sills both sides – sand & repaint, including restrooms.


  1. Clean tile grout
  2. Repaint any wood surfaces that are showing peeling and cracking of paint. (Men’s room done 2013!)
  3. Replace 4 old inefficient toilets with low water use new ones. (done)
  4. Re-hang shutters in ladies’ restroom. (done)

Dome interior:

  1. Doors: Door handle escutcheon needs to be replaced and door edge planed or sanded to eliminate a long term sticking. Doors also could use a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Wall paper is peeling and eventually should be replaced, or just have all those surfaces painted. (done)
  3. Closets: cleaned and dry wall replaced in the one on the Men’s side from our mildew repair efforts of a couple of years ago.
  4. Carpet: Deep clean now, consider replacement of red entry carpeting (Gone)
  5. Window sills all around-paint touch up.
  6. Dome ceiling (all the beams above)  dusted. 30 years of accumulated dust?
  7. “Back door” check/replace weatherstripping. (in progress)

Many of these projects will be completed in the next few months; others may not even start for a number of years due to financial considerations. Radiance Foundation depends upon donations of both time and money from the community (both from Radiance itself and from our family of friends and supporters) and various fundraising activities such as our concert series. We encourage you to participate in whatever way you can.

If you’d like to earmark a financial donation for a specific project, please leave a note.

Your tax deductible contributions are greatly appreciated!

Contact Bill Christensen if you’d like to set up a regular direct deposit donation to Radiance Foundation’s account at UFCU.