Private event at Dome, 3/26

We will be renting the Dome out on Saturday 3/26 to a group holding an all-day workshop on Social Permaculture.

Please make arrangements to meditate elsewhere on that day, both morning and evening.  Though they should theoretically be finishing up around program time, we expect that there will be some continuing activity after their program officially ends.

(They’re renting by the hour, so it’ll mean additional – much needed – funds for the Air Conditioner replacement)

Residents may also wish to take advantage of the African Food Trailer they’ll have out here for lunch.  I believe that the workshop participants are paying for their food as part of their fee, so please be prepared to pay for your meal if you do take advantage of the availability.

Do you have a lecture/meeting/other event you’d like to hold in the Dome?  Let John Burgess or Bill Christensen know.  It’s available for rent! *


*we’re currently restricted from offering rental for non-TM related meditation, yoga, or similar activities.

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