Full Moon Boat Ride 2006

Radiance Property Owner’s Association (RPOA) presents

Guru Purnamah and
Our Annual Full Moon Boat Ride 2006

July 11th

7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

These pictures are but a few from our 2006 event. Many thanks to our photographer Michael “Misi” Tsurikov, who fearlessly took his digital camera into the water, even though it was not waterproof! Thanks Misi, we know it was not easy to be such a careful, sensitive documentarian.

If anyone else took pictures and would like to share, please contact Jeanine.

Madeline and Bill Brock (seated); Eli Sutton (standing and chowing down). There’s a big potluck buffet below, most of it vegetarian and all of it very tasty.

Sharla Kew with guitar, Micah Sutton undoubtedly rendering an insightful comment, and a friend. People were playing and singing on the upper deck.

Friends, family, neighbors all chillin’ chattin’ and chewin’ up on top.

Tiffany Shaw and Andrew Brock, Radiance “kids” all grown up.

Time to jump in the water. It’s at least a 10-foot drop to the water, which is about 14 feet deep here.

Troy Maynor takes the plunge, in his usual high style.

At some point shortly before dark, much of the Radiance Community is in the water. Mary Buchanan, our community manager, local saint, pictured in background. Bill Christensen at left. The Brock family in foreground.

Then it gets pretty dark, and it’s time to get back to the boat and officially celebrate. Robbie and Jeanine Christensen get their picture taken by Gretel Baacke.

Sooner or later most of us are back on board. Bill Brock (with Troy at left and Madeline at right) speaks about what the Radiance Community’s mission and origins were, and the symbolism of the lighted candle and cutting of that fab chocolate cake Rick Levinson made.