CHC Firewise Recognition Ceremony

CHC Firewise Recognition Ceremony


Jan 19 2019    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Radiance Dome
108 Royal Way, Austin, TX, 78737

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Update–Thank You All

Members of the the Crystal Hills Combined Firewise Community with members of the Texas A&M Forest Service. We did it! And we will work hard to keep it! Thanks y’all.
Agenda for Jan. 19, 2019
  1. Welcome and Community Recognition – Elota
    1. Recognize all the work people and our communities have put in to make us safer and gain formal recognition as the Crystal Hills Combined Firewise Community.
    2. Recognize any dignitaries in the audience (local Fire and Police presence if they attend)
    3. Share four-part agenda (Ceremony, Firewise Updates, Future Plans, and Raffle)
    4. Welcome and introduce Kari Hines
  2. Recognition Ceremony – Kari Hines
  3. Firewise Updates – Cristian Granucci
    1. Reports on California fires and reflects on our preparedness
    2. Hands out brochures to support people to OWN their own safety
  4. Discuss Future Plans and Meeting Dates
    1. February  РHike the alternative escape route
    2. March 9, 2:00pm at the Radiance Dome
      1. Meet your Local neighbors to make your multi-family defense plan
      2. Improve your home’s defensible space
      3. Make your family’s plan: Stay or Go
  5. Raffle – Fire Extinguisher and Fire-fighting Goggles – you must be present to win!
  6. Thanks and Goodbye
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