I Voted - Hays County Texas Election Information 2016

2016 Election Details – Hays County, Texas

Early Voting Schedule & Locations

Election Day Polling Locations

2016 Sample Ballot – Hays County, TX

Voting ID Requirements


If you are 65 or older, or if you are traveling, you can vote by mail.

1. Apply for a “vote by mail” ballot using this form:

2. To ensure you’ve made the deadline,
you can fax your application (512)393-2248
or email a scanned image of it to elections@co.hays.tx.us
3. You could try your luck mailing it, no idea if it will get there before the deadline:  5pm on Oct 28th

Applications for Ballot by Mail shall be mailed to :
Joyce A. Cowan, Early Voting Clerk
712 S. Stagecoach Trail, Suite 1045
San Marcos, TX 78666

Applications for Ballots by Mail must be received no
later than the close of business on October ___28___, 2016.
Radiance Dome 6/20/16

Events: Chrysta Bell success, Max Zimmett Sept 10, Prairie Dogs postponed

A quick update on recent and upcoming events:

The Chrysta Bell benefit show on August 6, 2016 was a huge success!  We filled the Dome with around 175 guests who were treated to music, video, and stories from Chrysta Bell and her extremely talented band.  Thanks to the generosity of the artists and of all involved the event gave a big funding boost to Radiance Foundation, completing our A/C fundraising for this year and allowing us to continue our rehab work on the Dome, including replacing the entry flooring, continuing roof work, and correcting some landscaping drainage problems.

Next up is Max Zimmett and Hot Pickin’ Bluegrass on September 10, 2016. Follow that link to purchase tickets in advance, and come join us for a good time.

The Austin Prairie Dogs, who were originally slated to play on October 8th, have had to postpone their show to Saturday, November 5th.

Sign up for the DomeEvents@Radiancetx.org announcement list and stay up to date as our calendar develops.

Remember, We are also open to renting the Dome to other groups for one-time or ongoing events such as Meetups.  Contact us with your proposal.


Matthew Beaufort

Art and Consciousness in India and the West: The Quest for the Universal Self

Art and Consciousness in India and the West: The Quest for the Universal Self
A slide talk by Matthew Beaufort, Associate Professor of Humanities at Maharishi University of Management. Everyone is welcome.

May 11, Wednesday, 7:30 pm, FREE

Radiance Golden Dome outside Austin (directions)

This talk explores the world views and universal aspiration for enlightenment encoded in the art of ancient India and the West. This is different from the talk Prof. Beaufort gave in Austin previously.

Professor Matthew Beaufort explores the world views and universal aspiration for enlightenment encoded in the art of ancient India and the West.

Professor Beaufort discusses art & consciousness with a student

People have responded enthusiastically to Professor Beaufort’s talks:

“You opened up a whole new world I never would have seen on my own.” —Mary Kay Miller, Colorado

“Your insights were deeply moving. It was truly a transformative experience!”—Claire Staffieri, Philadelphia

Radiance Dome 6/20/16

Social Permaculture event raises $$ for Radiance Foundation

I’m happy to report that the Social Permaculture workshop held in the Dome on 3/26/16 (see https://radiancetx.org/private-event-at-dome-326/) raised $500.00 for our Air Conditioner Replacement fund, bringing the total in the fund to $2305.00.

Do you have a lecture/meeting/other event you’d like to hold in the Dome?  Let John Burgess or Bill Christensen know.  It’s available for rent! *


*we’re currently restricted from offering rental for non-TM related meditation, yoga, or similar activities.


Private event at Dome, 3/26

We will be renting the Dome out on Saturday 3/26 to a group holding an all-day workshop on Social Permaculture.

Please make arrangements to meditate elsewhere on that day, both morning and evening.  Though they should theoretically be finishing up around program time, we expect that there will be some continuing activity after their program officially ends.

(They’re renting by the hour, so it’ll mean additional – much needed – funds for the Air Conditioner replacement)

Residents may also wish to take advantage of the African Food Trailer they’ll have out here for lunch.  I believe that the workshop participants are paying for their food as part of their fee, so please be prepared to pay for your meal if you do take advantage of the availability.

Do you have a lecture/meeting/other event you’d like to hold in the Dome?  Let John Burgess or Bill Christensen know.  It’s available for rent! *


*we’re currently restricted from offering rental for non-TM related meditation, yoga, or similar activities.

Radiance Night Out

Radiance Night Out raises $1305 for Radiance Foundation

Radiance Night Out was a great success!

Despite the threat of rain, we had some 60 friends attend (including visitors from as far away as Dallas and Ashville, NC), plenty of wonderful food, a fun fundraising auction for Radiance Foundation, and excellent music by Running With Scissors and Edison Chair (Dang those guys are GOOD!)

The silent auction, spearheaded by Mary Buchanan and run on this website by Bill Christensen, raised $1305 for the Radiance Foundation – bringing us substantially closer to our goal of $5000 to replace the ailing heat pumps in the Dome with highly energy efficient, lifetime warrantied units.

Special thanks to Troy Maynor, Mary Buchanan, Bill Christensen, Laurel Treviño, Terry Shaw, and all the others who provided food and helped set up/break down.  Huge thanks to Terry Shaw and the Giojas who provided their homes for the festivities!  And of course, great heaping thanks (can you tell I’m running out of adjectives?) to all the wonderful Auction donors!

Radiance Night Out

Radiance is throwing a Night Out Party & Silent Auction!

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Radiance!

Mark Your calendars for

Saturday, November 14 from 6:00 – 10:00!!!

Radiance is throwing a Night Out Party!

Music by Running With Scissors and Edison Chair
Delicious Mexican food buffet
fun and camraderie…

Rain or shine
(inside in the event of rain)


Radiance Foundation Silent Auction – Radiance Foundation is always looking for ways to raise funds to care for our beautiful Dome.  Mary Buchanan is organizing a Silent Auction to be held the night of the Party.

Already we have Yoga classes and Cooking classes donated by Rich Goldstein, pottery by Michele Harris, plants from Jeanine Christensen, Guru Dev lithographs, a vacation stay in Santa Fe from the Hardins and MORE.

You do NOT need to be present to bid!  All bidding will be done online!

Please think of anything you could donate to this auction:
*Knick Knacks you need to clear from your home
*Some skill or service
*Anything you can think of!

Email Mary at mbuchanan@radiancetx.org with your additions (include a photo if available, value, and a description).

See what’s available – and maybe put in an early bid – at https://radiancetx.org/auctions/

Bidding ends at 9:00pm central time, SHARP.

Did you know that there are currently homes and lots for sale in Radiance?  See https://radiancetx.org/radiance-property-for-sale-or-rent/ for details!

Founders Tree gets watered

More attention for the Founder’s tree

Though 2014 hasn’t been as tough on Central Texas drought or temperature wise as the last few years, we’ve now hit the dry, hot spell… predictions are for temps over 100 for the next week at least, and no appreciable rain in sight.  So to keep the trees happy Bill C trucked ~1000 gallons to them (3+ tanks) all of which disappeared nearly as quickly as it came out of the hose.



Between the drought, temperatures, and the fierce windstorm that came through Radiance a few weeks ago snapping many limbs off (you can still see some damage in the pictures), our trees need some TLC.


Bevan Morris and 25th Anniversary of Dome

Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace will be making a stop in Austin as part of his current tour of US cities.

Coincidentally, his visit comes within a few days of the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of the Dome in October 1985. The Dome was inaugurated by Brahmachari Nadkishore, Dr. Neil Patterson, and Dr. Morris on their first ever visit to Radiance, shortly after its completion.

Join us for an inspiring talk by Dr. Morris in the Dome at 8pm.

Donations to cover costs of bringing Dr Morris to Austin will be greatly appreciated.

TM Program Fall Webcast, Gala Dinner and Entertainment

Help us bring the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program to:
• Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD
• At-risk youth from inner-city schools
• Fellow citizens with strong financial needs

The Transcendental Meditation program of AUSTIN cordially invites you to join us for a special webcast with the National Leader of the TM® program, Dr. John Hagelin, acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch, and legendary musician Donovan on Saturday, September 25 at 6:30 PM. The evening will begin with a group meditation followed by a gourmet dinner, entertainment, a silent auction, and profound knowledge. This gala event will take place at the lovely home of Joe Fuerso, 16101 Crystal Hills Drive, Austin 78737.

A Celebration for a Great Cause
Join us in helping to make the Transcendental Meditation program available to those in our area with a strong desire to learn, but who are facing financial difficulties. The cost of the dinner will be $15. All donations are welcome. If you cannot attend but would like to support these important programs in our community, you may make a donation by visiting TMFriends.org. Please call (512-472-9595) or respond to this email. Please send checks by Sept. 21 to cover your dinner and reserve a space to :

Helen Nelson, 16200 Goldenwood Way. Austin,TX 78737

Or use the PayPal Donation button below to reserve your place.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating together the successful initiatives of the TM program in our area and around the world.

Austin TM® Program


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