RPOA Board Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2018

Minutes of the RPOA Board Meeting

Monday, January 8, 2018 at 4 Concord Circle.

Board Members Present: Mary Buchanan, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Cliff Finley, Elota Patton, Katie Raver, Mary Jane Mara

Others Present: Troy Maynor, Jeanine Christensen (beginning of meeting)

Board Members not Present: None.

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM, and the Minutes of the November meeting were approved as amended.

The following items were discussed:

1.  Mark Black Wedding Venue/ Friendship Alliance, update from Jeanine Christianson.  Friendship Alliance has been coordinating with residents in neighborhoods regarding actions to take on this project. Hopes for the January 23 Dripping Springs City Council Meeting: coordinate comments from neighbors.

Also, Friendship Alliance could use help encouraging property owners or other interested parties to 1) be present and 2) to voice their opinion if applicable on January 23.  Every resident has 3 minutes to speak and FA is hoping for people to yield their time to main topic speakers: Carlos is hoping for 10 people yielding to Carlos, 5 people to Brian Dudley, 5 for Christian.

2.  Sign Report.  Mary contacted Wizard Academy and requested they install a bigger sign. 

The renovated entrance Radiance sign was installed and looks great. 

Mary is working on a new sign for Radiance/ Goldenwood, potentially to include a u-turn for Chapel Dulcinea and Wizard Academy.

3.  Spectrum update from Troy:  Everyone is hooked up on Spectrum except for Duval and Burgess, and services are working.  Duval and Burgess have not called Spectrum for installation but their pedestal/ taps have been installed.  Mary has contacted both residents. 

There are a few issues with cables not buried properly and there was discussion about having these cables buried ourselves instead of the effort required to work with Spectrum.

Action item: Mary to contact Spectrum to find out if they can turn off individual service.

4.  Parking lot update from Troy: Jim Covington bid $12,255 for the pool parking lot at 11,000 square feet. Coving said he has 10-11 people who he’s bid driveways for.  Because of the expense and the $90,000+ bid to repair the roads, the board decided to postpone both the parking lot and the roads for 2 years or until Covington has a period where his prices are low.

The new reflectors: the speed bump reflectors test has gone well.  The board agreed to put the larger reflectors on all the speed bumps.

Action Item:  Troy to install larger reflectors on all the speed bumps.

Action Item: Mary to look for another bid for roads.

5.  Communication Report from Katie.

Katie submitted a list of existing communication channels in Radiance.  Board members provided feedback on the list.

Action Item:  Katie to survey residents to ask about existing communication channels, which they use, and which they would like to continue using.

Action Item:  Katie to begin the process of creating a MailChimp email list so the board can directly communicate to residents and owners.

Action Item:  Katie to submit a modification on NextDoor so that Radiance is specified as a neighborhood and would volunteer to be a moderator as needed.

6.  Elota updated the Radiance Contact List and it will be redistributed by paper and PDF.

7.  Firewise Community: the December 17 meeting with the Fire Chief was held at the Dome. 

Next steps: The Forest Service will come and walk the neighborhood with interested residents.  This is expected in the next 3 months.

8.  Elota requested to discuss a bylaw amendment regarding cedar trees and fire hazards. 

Possible amendments:  Amend the community bylaws to allow the removal of all cedar trees for fire reduction or to allow the removal of cedar trees over five inches with a replacement tree of five gallons or larger for each cedar tree removed.

Action Item:  continue discussion of proposed amendments at the next meeting.

9.  Mail Station Refurbish Project, from Mary.  The roof is dried out and needs to be replaced, plus it needs to be repainted or stained.  Mary got samples for an asbestos roof, stain colors.  There is allocated money for a community building and some of that could be used.

Action Item:  Mary to come up with a budget for refurbishing the mail station.

10.  Nominating Process for soliciting new board members every year.

Action Item:  Betsy to bring nominating process to next meeting.  She brought her proposal and we can discuss next time.

11.  Septic discussion.

Action Item:  hear from Roger at February meeting on septic plan for the future.

Next meeting: Monday, February 12, 2018 at 7:30pm

The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 PM.

Version / Description:

1 / Draft submitted to board for review and edits.

APR / Edits from MJD, EP, BK, all board members approved.

Submitted by: KR, RPOA Secretary