Concert: Ustad Ghulam Farid Nizami, October 24, 2009

Ustad Ghulam Farid Nizami, Concert Artist and Teacher of Classical and Folk Music of India and Pakistan

Professor Ustad Ghulam Farid Nizami masterfully presents a vast array of styles including Ghazal, Geet, Qawwali, Bhajan, and Sufi. His principal instruments are Sitar, Vocals, Tabla, and Harmonium.

Sufi Music Programs

A 17th generation Sufi musician of Pakistan, Nizami offers exceptional programs of the ancient poetry and music of Rumi, Amir Khusro, Hafiz, and others. The poetry and arrangements were passed directly to him from his ancestors, and his enthralling performances are tremendously rich in form and spirit. Sufis are associated with the world-renowned whirling dervishes and represent the mystical dimension of Islam. They express union with the Divine through poetry, music, dance, and the arts. Nizami’s work promotes World Peace by connecting people with their Inner Bliss through the powerful medium of music.

Diplomat for World Peace

Nizami has performed as a featured artist for Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in Pakistan and at The Kennedy Center in 2006 with Masharif in attendance. He has given command performances for royalty, rulers and heads of state all over the world, including Saudi King Abdullah, the late King Hussein of Jordan, Yasser Arafat, Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana, Prince Charles, the Prince of Japan, Tony Blair, the President and Prime Ministers of China, the Canadian Prime Minister, Kofi Annan the former Secretary General of the UN, Benazir Bhutto, Nelson Mandella, Prince Kareem Agha Khan, Kurt Waldheim when he was President of Austria, former President Jimmy Carter, and Ambassador Sada Cumber.


During the 30+ years Nizami taught Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium, and Voice in Pakistan, he saw many of his students grow into distinguished artists. He has the distinction of having trained the first professional female tabla player in Pakistan. In 2008 he came to the United States as a Fullbright Scholar and taught at The University of Texas in Austin from ’08- ’09.

Media Personality

Professor Nizami created and hosted educational television shows on Pakistan TV that featured the traditional music of North Pakistan. Two of the shows were regularly scheduled programs called “Sadaa o Saaz” (Voice & instrument) and “Saaz o Avaaz” (Instrument & Voice), and were broadcast via international satellite 3x a day. He also hosted two other programs called “Meri Mousiqqi” (My Music) and “Studio Standby.”

A side note: Though a well-known cultural treasure in his country, Nizami is currently unable to return home because religious militants there consider music, as well as the teaching of women, a sin. His reputation as an international music diplomat, artist and teacher, and especially as a teacher of women, has caused this group to target him for death should he return.. Because of this fact, the United States government has granted him political asylum to stay safely in the United States.

Online Video Performances

Performing a Rumi song

April ’09 vocal

General Public: adults $12, children $7 in advance;
adults $15, children $10 at the door.

Radiance Residents: adults $7, children $3 in advance;
adults $10, children $5 at the door.