Radiance Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting – November 17, 2008

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Troy Maynor, Sais Bagnola, Mary Jane Daniels Guest: Bill Brock
1. Meeting called to order at 7:38 P.M at Mary’s. Minutes of the October 13, 2008 meeting were approved as amended. We welcomed Mary Jane Daniels to the Board, replacing Chris Lagarde who served Radiance for over five years.
2. Deborah Aker resigns- Deborah Aker has resigned from the RPOA Board effective immediately. We appreciate the eight years of service she has given Radiance.
3. Oak Wilt – Bill Brock discussed the oak wilt situation in live oak tree in his front yard. A oak wilt specialist will be at his home tomorrow to go over what steps need to be taken to protect Radiance trees. Troy and Bill collected some leaves from his tree as examples of the disease. The community will be informed of any information as it becomes available.
4. Donation of 4 Burr Oaks – The Brocks would like to donate 4 small Burr Oaks to the RPOA to be planted back from Concord Circle in front of the RGH. The RPOA will p[ay for the holes to be dug with a backhoe (first we will try using the auger on Troy’s tractor). The Board agreed to pay $100 for materials to plant the trees plus the cost of digging the holes.
5. Septic lift station repair- Roger Kew was able to repair the lift station pump for under $40. It appeared that a plastic toy had gotten caught up in the grinder.
6. Klayman’s septic line replacement/repair – Steve Klayman’s system had never worked properly since the home was built. Of late it was backing up a lot. Troy dug up the line and found it was running uphill. After having the tank emptied, he removed all the pipe (50+’) and replaced it at proper grade and with schedule 40 pipe. It now works better than it ever has. Roger Kew assisted him for part of the work.
7. Hayride/Bonfire/Chili Cook-Off – Due to the burn ban, the Board decided to postpone the event until 2009.
8. Filling of Road Cracks- We have not heard back from Lone Star on how best to do this/bid for them to do the job.
9. Automatic External Defibrillator – The Board approved the purchase of a Zoll AED (+- $1,600) to be centrally located in Troy & Mary’s breezeway for use in case of heart attack.
10. Back up generator – The Board again discussed the purchase of a generator to be used for both the lift station and water tower in case of prolonged power outage. Troy has been researching options. Mary will contact the RWSC about sharing the cost.
11. Late Fees for RPOA Dues and SMF – The Board discussed and approved a 10% late fee on overdue RPOA Dues and SMF payments beginning 1/2009.
12. Financial Reports – The Board approved the financial reports for August and September.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 P.M.
Next Board meeting – Wednesday, January 14, 2009 – 7:30 P.M at Mary’s
Respectfully Submitted, Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary