RPOA Board Meeting – May 20, 2004

Members Present: Chris Lagarde, Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Brad
Fregger, and Betsy Kirkpatrick Absent: Deborah Aker

Meeting brought to order at 7:50 P.M. at Rick’s. Minutes of April
15, 2004 meeting approved.
1. Pool Report – Eli reports that he has been battling algae growth
this year but it is getting better. The pool opened uneventfully.
Logan Hirsch will look at the entry gate arch and give us some ideas
of what he would do and the cost. The board discussed and agreed to
pay Jeanine Christensen $60/mo. for 4 days of work. $30 of this will
come from Eli’s pay and $30 from RPOA.
2.Spring Worms – Radiance was finally sprayed by Davey Tree with
Conserve SC and several weeks ago many moths were seen flying around
the oak trees. Davey billed RPOA $4,228.52 + separate bills to
Daniels, Brocks, Baacke, and Hanson. Mary bought 125,000
triptogramma wasp eggs ($73) and Troy stapled about 30 paper cups
with the egg strips around Radiance last Sat. Hopefully they will
hatch and destroy the worm eggs. John Dromgoole suggested putting out
more wasp eggs in July and again in September to stave off the
population of worms next spring.
3. Speed Bumps – Rick will take a tape measure into town and measure
speed bumps so we can have Lone Star Paving replace the existing
worthless bumps.
4. Low Voltage Lighting at Royal Garden Homes – Rick got in touch
with Harvey of Illumination Texas and will meet with him next week to
go over installing lights at the steps by Lary’s and Myer’s homes.
Myers have also requested a handrail. Both homeowners have agreed to
let us tap into their electricity for the lights. Draw should be
5. Septic System Care Info. – Chris Lagarde found an EPA website with
excellent info on keeping your septic tank & fields happy. Mary will
copy and distribute the info.
6.Fence & Home Appearance Concerns – The Board discussed how to
enforce the Covenant guidelines about keeping the exteriors of homes
in repair and attractive. It will be discussed further at the next
7. Financial Report – The March financials were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 P.M.
Next Board mtg. – Thurs. June 24, 2004 – 7:45 at Rick’s
Respectfully Submitted, Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary