RPOA Board Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2018

Minutes of the RPOA Board Meeting

Monday, March 12, 2018 at 4 Concord Circle.

Board Members Present: Mary Buchanan, Cliff Finley, Elota Patton, Katie Raver, Mary Jane Daniels.

Others Present: Troy Maynor, Neil Carman and Jeanine Christensen

Board Members not Present: Betsy Kirkpatrick

The meeting was called to order at 7:36 PM, and the Minutes of the February meeting were approved as amended.

  1. Neil and Jeanine reported about the project to explore incorporating Radiance and Goldenwood. They were invited to return when more board support is needed for mobilizing voters, creating ordinances, and more.

2.  Mary led a discussion on overdue dues.  There are two properties that are in delinquency with no payments or communications for a long time. We have lien policy – $1000 over then we file a lien against the property.  We need a foreclosure policy.

Action Item: Mary to draft letter to mail to delinquent property owners.

Action Item:  Add foreclosure policy discussion to future agenda.

3.  Communication items were tabled.

4.  Elota reported on the Firewise team, and the first official meeting will be organized soon.

5.  The board voted unanimously:  Board gives permission for cutting of any ash juniper/ cedar over 5 inches in diameter by owner in the owner’s lot.

There is currently no permission needed for juniper/ cedar under 5 inches.  We will vote on a covenant change this October.

6. Discussion on a question about why are RPOA dues the same for empty lot owners and resident owners?  There’s no septic or utility ports to those lots. 

Need to decide this summer for October vote: we could cut the empty lot dues.  Full on house, half on unbuilt lot.

7. Potluck was wonderful – maybe we’ll do once a month this year over the winter.

8. Holiday Lights. They’re supposed to be unobtrusive. 

Action item to vote on in October: we need to come up with a proposal for dark sky lighting suggested.

9.  Discussed pool fees for 2017:  could be $500 instead of $475.

10.  Compass account discussion.  The board unanimously approved the creation of a Money Market account.  The purpose of the account is to receive a better interest rate on RPOA cash holdings.  Signers on the account are Mary Buchanan, Cliff Finley, and Mary Jane Daniels.

11.  Board insurance. 

Action Item: Mary to research costs and choices.

12.  Discussed City council meeting March 13, arrive 5:30pm. 

13.  Discussed the need for septic awareness.  The recent repair cost us $2200.

14. Mail station improvements.

Action Item:  Install 2 mailboxes, one for RPOA, one for RWSC.

Next meeting: Tuesday April 10, 2018 at 7:30pm

The meeting was adjourned at 8:59 PM.

Version/ Description:

1 / Draft submitted to board for review and edits.

APPROVED / Edits from EP, all board members approved.

Submitted by: KR, RPOA Board Secretary

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