RPOA Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2018

Minutes of the RPOA Board Meeting

Monday, April 10, 2018 at 4 Concord Circle.

Board Members Present: Mary Buchanan, Elota Patton, Katie Raver, Mary Jane Daniels, Betsy Kirkpatrick

Non board members present:  Troy Manor, Rich Goldstein

Board Members not Present: Cliff Finley

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM.

  1. Rich Goldstein reported on road related matters.
  2. Mary reported on incorporation.
  3. Tabled communication plans until a later day.
  4. Elota reported on Firewise.  There will likely be a Firewise Awareness Kickoff event on May 6, 2-4pm in the Goldenwood Community Center for the Greater Crystal Hills area.
  5. Mary reported on holiday lighting.  Some residents have voiced concerns about the type of lighting and length of time lights are displayed during the holidays. Mary has asked Jill Frels to look into this and report back to the Board.
  6. Mary reported on board insurance.
  7. Mary reported on separate mailbox for RPOA/ Septic checks. A second mailbox has been purchased for the Mail Station. Once installed, residents will be able to deposit dues & septic checks in the RPOA box, and water bill payments in the RWSC mailbox.
  8. Discussed board minute posting.
  9. Discussed septic repairs. $3000 spent in labor and supplies.
  10. Pool opening is May 1.  Repairs will need to be made.
  11. Discussed mowing vs wildflower reseeding.  Yes it’s OK to mow around the wildflowers so they can reseed.
  12. Discussed delinquent RPOA dues.
  13. For future meetings: nominating committee notes from Betsy.

Next meetings: May 14 and June 11.

Adjourned at 8:45pm.

Version/ Description:

1 / Apr 11, 2018 / Draft submitted to board for review and edits.

2 / Apr 12, 2018 / Edits made from MJD.

APPROVED / Edits from EP, all approved.

Submitted by: KR, RPOA Board Secretary

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