RPOA Board Meeting -April 13, 2004

Members Present: Deborah Aker, Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Betsy
Kirkpatrick, Chris Lagarde
Absent: Brad Fregger
Guests: Judith August and Troy Maynor

Special Board Meeting brought to order at 8:00 P.M. at Mary’s
1. Tree Spraying – After much deliberation, the Board voted to go
ahead with the spraying of Radiance common areas and lots of
homeowners who opted to be sprayed with Conserve SC. It was
determined that since there were no leaves for the worms to eat, BT
would be useless. A second generation of worms will hatch from the
eggs laid by the moths that come from this first generation and the
Board decided that by spraying now, we may prevent the 2nd generation
from again defoliating the trees.
Jeannine had experimented successfully killing worms using several
solutions including dish soap and citrusolve. The consensus was to
go ahead and use the Conserve SC. Spraying will begin tomorrow, Wed.
4/14. Pet owners will be alerted this evening and Mary will post the
spraying on Radiance Talk tonight.
The point was brought up and the Board agreed that positive steps to
take better care of our trees using an arborist should be a top
priority starting this year.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.
Next Board mtg. – Thurs. April 15, 2004 – 7:45 at Mary’s
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary

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