RPOA Board Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2018

Minutes of the RPOA Board Meeting

Monday, May 28, 2018 at 4 Concord Circle.  Special meeting called.

Board Members Present: Mary Buchanan, Elota Patton, Katie Raver, Mary Jane Daniels, Cliff Finley, Betsy Kirkpatrick

Non board members present:  Troy Manor, Bob Logan (for first agenda topic)

Board Members not Present: –

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM. 

The board began with 10 minutes of meditation/ contemplative silence.

Discussion, motions, and action items:

  1. Guest topic: Bob Logan owns land in the vicinity, adjacent to the neighboring Mark Black Wedding Venue and asked for time to speak to the board.He brought a request: he wants Radiance to assert its ownership over the 650 feet of Concord Circle leading into the neighborhood and adjacent to the Mark Black Wedding Venue property in order to deny MBWV commercial access.  Bob brought 2 documents including a list of what he knows/ presumes to be true about that stretch of road.  He also showed a platt of his land and how it’s like a thunderbird. He says he’s been charged to reawaken Thursday Mountain through prayer and ceremony. He also referenced article 4, section 1, paragraph C of Radiance bylaws.  Per Bob, the goal of all his contortions is to buy the property from the Blacks.  If Radiance owns the road, use of the road is a civil matter between Radiance and the Blacks.  His assertion is that because of his 9 foot easement at Gateway Trail, the Blacks should have no other access.  He also wants to ask for an easement for the use of the road for his access and he’s happy to pay for his use of the road – for 9 feet wide easement access.

2.  Cedar amendment – tabled until next meeting.  Cliff brought several suggestions about how to move forward given community feedback.

3.  Board discussion of what Bob brought.

Action item:  Katie and Elota to draft a summary letter to Radiance membership about the RPOA board’s efforts to research the entrance road, including legal advice and consultations with the county, to be edited by Mary, Betsy, Cliff, and Mary Jane and then sent to the membership. Target: send out this week.

Action item:  Elota to complete the detailed timeline of events regarding the entrance road.

Action item:  Mary to meet with lawyer Tom Levinson and county Commissioner Ray Whisenant.

Next meetings: June 11, July 9, no meeting planned for August, September 10.

Adjourned at 9:14pm.

Version/ Date / Description:
D1 / May 29, 2018 / Draft submitted to board for review and edits.
D2 / May 31, 2018 / Added edits from BK and MJD. Awaiting other board reviews.
Approved / June 1, 2018 / Approved by all board members.

Submitted by: KR, RPOA Board Secretary

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