RPOA Board Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2018

Radiance Property Owner’s association Board Meeting

Title of Meeting:  RPOA Board meeting to discuss Concord Circle ownership Date:   04/22/18                                                                                                 Site:  Golden Dome

Presiding:   Mary Buchanan, President Recorder:  Betsy Kirkpatrick

Board Members attending:   Mary Buchanan, Elota Patton, Cliff Finley, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Mary Jane Daniels

Board members absent:  Katie Raver

Guests attending:   Troy Maynor, Neil Carmen, Rich Goldstein, David Will, Tom Davies, Bob Logan, Baryl Crowley, Heather Teague

Meeting Details


Discussion/ Action


Call to Order


Call to Order: Mary Buchanan

Time meeting started: 1109


Introduction of Attendees




  • Ownership and history of Concord Circle reviewed
  • Attorneys Tom Davies and Baryl Crowley answered questions from attendees.  Baryl Crowley presented what documents need to be recovered and possible next steps around ownership
  • Various options and possible outcomes were discussed
  • The board discussed further after guests left
  • Elota asked for a chronological list regarding road ownership and maintenance
  • Cliff Finley made a motion that the board determine ownership  of the 1st 600 ft, plus or minus, of Concord Circle, Betsy Kirkpatrick seconded, the motion passed unanimously
  • Elota made a motion that a board member serve as parliamentarian, Mary Jane seconded, the motion passed unanimously
  • Board members will review past minutes to look for road issues/documentation of maintenance
  • Mary will began to gather documents as suggested at meeting including deeds to roads
  • Elota will compile a chronological list based on information gathered
  • Mary will call various recommended real estate litigators to find one willing to advise
  • Board will meet again soon to discuss next steps and review information gathered
  • Betsy will begin to serve as parliamentarian


Business Meeting adjourned at (Time): 1255


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