RPOA Board Meeting Minutes – February 2, 2018

Minutes for RPOA Board Meeting on Feb. 2, 2018

Board Members Present:  Mary Buchanan, Cliff Finley, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Elota Patton

Board Members Not Present:  Mary Jane Daniels, Katie Raver

Others Present: Troy Maynor and Roger Kew.

1. The minutes of the last meeting RPOA meeting were approved by acclamation.

Reports – President – Mary Buchanan
Vice President – Betsy Kirkpatrick
Secretary – Katie Raver
Treasurer – Cliff Finley

2. Committees:
Roads – Troy Maynor & Cliff Finley – The new sign at GW right turn has been installed and looks great.  New reflectors at speed bumps are being painted yellow to match the first ones.  Thank you!

Pool – Jeanine Christensen – no report at this meeting.

Septic – Troy Maynor & Roger Kew – Roger, with input from Troy, gave an excellent and thorough report on the maintenance of the Radiance septic systems. 

  • Training – Roger took a 16-hour septic maintenance course and has had a number of years of practical experience with the Radiance system.  He and Troy have worked together for many years on improving and maintaining the system.
  • Flow – The flow has never equaled the capacity for which it was built.  Not every lot has been built on and people are generally conservative in their water use.  Additionally, the move to low-flow toilets has reduced flow overall.
  • Charging System – The tanks are regularly checked are also sludge-judged annually.  They are also pumped when needed, typically every 3-7 years. Bioscope enzymes have been used, but Roger judges that their performance is not worth their cost.
  • Maintenance – Roger regularly moves flow from one leach field to another in order to keep the system working well.  Roger and Troy have repaired and or bypassed pipe issues over the years and kept the system working very well.  Thank you!!
  • System Replacement – Roger reported that the county would not like to see the system replaced as digging it up would reveal hazardous waste (or why it’s called a “septic” system) that would cost a tremendous amount of money to dispose of. Thus, working to maintain the system is our best option, and it is being done well.
  • Next Generation Thinking – in the future, should it become necessary, there are reputable firms who could take on the maintenance work.
  • Septic System Notes – Betsy requested that Roger email brief notes about the septic system update to Mary. By including these notes in the RPOA minutes, we could have an ongoing record of septic maintenance and repair.  Attending members agreed that this was a good idea, and Roger agreed to send the brief notes.

Nominating Committee – Betsy Kirkpatrick – Tabled until next meeting.

2. Old Business

*Mail Station refurbish bid – Troy discussed a variety of options for construction and materials to improve the mail station. 

*Black Ranch latest news – Mary reported on the turnout at the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting, and the meeting with Mark Black in Dripping Springs.  Since Radiance is in the Dripping Springs ETJ, the City Council is likely to approve the wedding venue construction plans.  Approaching the county and the state about the road is one strategy that may be tried.

*Communication Report – Katie – tabled until next meeting.

*Firewise update  and *Proposed amendments to by-laws on cutting Junipers: Elota

Recently, Mary Buchanan invited Wildland Urban Interface Specialist Kari Hines to take a look at our neighborhood and  make recommendations to improve fire safety.  

We toured Ila Creek, Radiance, Goldenwood, and Goldenwood West.  Also included in the drive-through were:

  • Cristian Granucci, Los Angeles Fire Captain and Goldenwood resident
  • Laurel Trevino of Ila Creek
  • Elota Patton, Radiance RPOA board member 
  • Mary Buchanan, Radiance RPOA board president

The expert advice we received increased our recently heightened awareness of fire prevention, and we discussed many next steps for making our communities safer.  Among other suggestions, three stood out as immediately actionable:

  1. Begin building a Firewise community – Elota and Cristian will begin this process with participants from the other communities.
  2. Reduce fast fuel in our area, including removing ladder fuels (dead leaves, underbrush) under trees and around houses.
  3. Offer land owners the option of removing any highly flammable ashe junipers (cedars) on their property without approval from the ABC, including those cedars in excess of five (5) inches in diameter.

In order to act on suggestion #3, Radiance would have to change its Covenants as follows:


TREES – Article 9, Item 21

No trees having a diameter of five (5) inches or more, measured one foot above natural ground level, shall be removed from any lot without the consent of the committee.  Any tree stumps and dead branches shall also be promptly removed at the owner’s expense.


TREES – Article 9, Item 21

No trees having a diameter of five (5) inches or more, measured one foot above natural ground level, shall be removed from any lot without the consent of the committee, except for ashe junipers (cedars). Cedars of any size may be removed at the owner’s discretion and at the owner’s expense. Any tree stumps and dead branches shall also be promptly removed at the owner’s expense.

This proposed amendment will be reviewed at the March RPOA Board meeting.  At that time, we will also discuss the amendment process and next steps.

* Nominating process – Betsy – tabled.

3. New Business

Dues questions:
*Is the upfront discount on an empty lot $50? (Christensen, Patton) – Yes.

*Why do empty lot owners who don’t live in Radiance still have to pay full dues? (Coopers, Lifton) – Cliff will bring a proposal to the next RPOS meeting to fairly address this issue.
*Do empty lot owners have to pay the Spectrum portion of their dues? (Patton, Christiansen) – Yes.

Cliff pointed out that there is no “Spectrum” portion. The dues, as voted on, are simply, in total, The Dues.  Let’s change our language to reflect that.

*Do we charge late fees on non-paid dues? – Yes.

For people who are currently over $3,500 in arrears, the Radiance Board will frame a way to take action at its next meeting.

4. Announcements & other business

Special Potluck, Sunday, March 4, 2018 for new Radiance community members

5. Next Meeting – Monday, March 12, 7:30pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Elota Patton.