Radiance, Texas

Radiance is a small, quiet community (pop. 90-100) about 20 miles southwest of downtown Austin. It was originally founded as “an ideal village practicing Transcendental Meditation™ programs.” More recently it’s been home as well to families with children in Austin Waldorf School, spiritually-oriented people, and just plain folks.

The neighborhood itself is made up of 34 homes (and 7 undeveloped lots) on about 65 acres. 18 residences are duplexes or townhomes, and the rest are single family residential homes.

It includes a 70-foot wide meditation dome…

… a community pool, and many acres of community-owned greenbelt.

Community potlucks are held at the pool alternating Sundays in the summer, and the community joins together for other events too.

The Radiance Community has friends and former residents who still connect with each other (even though they no longer live in Radiance physically) through the Radiance-talk Listserv.

Looks like we’re still dealing with a major drought (http://drought.unl.edu/dm/monitor.html ), so here are some useful water conservation tips from the City of Austin Water Conservation office.